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Day 5 (05.06.20)

Good morning Year 5,


It’s Friday! Here are your final tasks of the week:


  • Maths –  [We are continuing with the fractions work, as it makes sense to group the sessions together. There will be an opportunity to practise arithmetic skills next week]


                 Choose:   Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May).  Lesson 2 – Add fractions

(a) Watch the video and then complete the activity below:

  • English – Either continue with the work set on Monday    OR


Make it free-read Friday. What will you read today?



  • History – Ancient Greece.

As with any of our history topics, we will begin the unit by placing the ancient Greeks in time. This is an important part of learning in history. It is called Chronology (putting events in the order that they happened). We want you to know where the ancient Greeks fit in time in relation to any other periods of history you know about or have studied in school.

Have a look at the document below. It details some of the key events in world history. If you look at the key, it shows you which civilizations or people the coloured dots and dashes refer to. The ancient Greeks fall around the middle of the timeline (they are indicated by red/brown dots below the main line).

Now open the word document. This gives you a little more information but also poses some questions to get you thinking:


That’s all for this week,

Have a fantastic weekend,

Stay safe,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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