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Day 5

Read together the opening extract from Horrid Henry Peeks at Peter’s Diary from Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend: https://

Discuss why people choose to write a diary – i) to retell key events that have happened to them that day and ii) to make comments on these events or talk about their thoughts and feelings. Re-read Perfect Peter’s diary entries on pp10-11 of the extract.
Ask whether these are good diary entries or not. How could they be improved? Imagine you are Perfect Peter. Your challenge is to rewrite the diary entry for one of the days. You could imagine that you are writing the entry after one of Henry’s troublesome antics that you’ve read about this week.
Remember to i) retell the key events from the day and ii) make some comments, or write about your thoughts or feelings in response to what happened.
Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.