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Day 5 (10.07.20)


Hello Everyone!


Happy Friday! We hope that you are well and that you’ve had a good week. It’s been a little more overcast than was forecast but at least we’ve had some breaks in the rain.

Thank you to those children who are keeping us updated with their emails and photos; it’s great to hear from you. We’d love to hear from more of you – please do share what you have been up to (even if it’s not school-work related).

Here are your tasks for today:




Re-watch all three shorts you have looked at this week:

Piper Pixar short film 2016 full movie:


Lou Twistedsifter:

(Note: as this page contains links to current news pages and trending articles, some of which may be unsuitable, parental supervision is recommended).


Partly Cloudy Full film:   


Based on these three shorts, order them 1-3 from your favourite to least favourite (1 being the best).

Now choose one of the following outcomes:


(a) Countdown TV/Radio Chart show. Imagine you are presenting a section of a film review show – either on TV or radio. Write a script with a ‘Top 3’ countdown of the Pixar shorts you have watched. For each short, give a brief synopsis (try not to reveal too much!), an explanation of why it appears in that position on your countdown and who you recommend might enjoy it and why.


(b) Film Review Magazine Article. Write an article, suitable for a magazine, which gives a review of each of the Pixar shorts you have watched.

For each film, write a brief synopsis, who you recommend the film for, a rating (score) for the film and your reasons why.


Keep re-reading your work to check spelling, punctuation and grammar (which includes checking that your sentences make sense!).


Maths:     Challenge (Reasoning) Questions


Have a go at the questions you find here:

(Questions 1 to 5 are the ones recommended for Year 5 pupils)


But, if it’s just not Friday without doing an arithmetic test, here you go (we don’t want any sad faces - that's imperative! wink):


We hope you have a lovely weekend,


Still missing you lots,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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