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Day 5 (15.05.20)


Good Morning Year 5,


I hope that you are all well.

It’s Friday – again! The weeks are flying by for me. I hope they are passing quickly for you, too (if you want them to that is!).


Here are your tasks for today:


Maths: Instead of posting up an arithmetic paper, I have set you a challenge on Sumdog. I have set it to cover topics at the right level for your group/the year group, so I’m hoping that it will get you thinking. The challenge started yesterday afternoon and runs until 7:00pm this evening. The target is to answer 50 questions each. Please go on if you can.

Just a quick note of praise: well done to Millie, Lewis and Scarlett who have answered questions on Sumdog this week and a huge ‘Whoop, Whoop!’ to Jack and Gracie, who have both been on for the longest overall amounts of time. Another ‘shout out’ will appear on Monday for those of you who have taken-up the challenge.

If you are unable to access Sumdog, you could: read any page of your maths workbook – the more you read about a particular topic, the greater chance you have of retaining key facts/information; practise any times and divide facts which you cannot yet recall instantly or read through the double-sided mixed facts sheet that you took home at an earlier point this year (perhaps choose one section to focus on).

English / Topic: 

Use some time today to finish off your persuasive writing from yesterday. Don’t forget to email us your work (Millie, your poster looks great 😊).



Today, we will continue our work on life cycles. Have a look at the PowerPoint – check to see if you got the parts of your flower correct. Don’t worry if you didn’t; you haven’t been taught any of it yet.


Today, we are going to have a look at flowers in more detail by dissecting one (as long as you were able to get hold of one this week). Look at the instructions below to guide you.

If you don't have a flower, it's fine. You can still look through the instructions to give you an idea of the process (which you may be able to try at a later date when you can get hold of a flower).


Wishing you all a very happy weekend,

Missing you lots,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

        😊                   😊