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Day 5 (19.06.20)

Happy Friday Year 5 😊


Here are your final tasks for the week:



We thought we would end the week on a test!!! We know how much you like to challenge yourselves, so here is an arithmetic to keep your maths brains ticking. 


Choose either Year 4 or Year 5 (don't forget to challenge yourself!)



Read National Geographic Kids - Twenty Top Titanic Facts here:


Make a note of the two facts you find most interesting.

Now create a quiz based on the twenty facts you have read about for a family member or your teacher to answer.

This afternoon is yours 😊.


Take some time to relax, go for a walk, ring someone in your family/ a friend, or you could start / continue a hobby. Maybe you could help your parents with something. You may wish to choose another activity off our themed week on Houses (see Monday’s page), or enjoy some time reading your favourite book. Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy it.

We hope you have a lovely weekend. Nicer weather is forecast so we hope you manage to get out enjoy some sunshine.


Missing you all, stay safe,


Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

    😊                         😊