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Day 5 (24.04.20)

Morning Year 5,


What a glorious week of weather we’ve been having! Here are your tasks for today:


English: It’s free-read Friday! (indoors or outdoors – it’s up to you)

As you may well remember us telling you just once or twice this year, regular reading is absolutely crucial (😊 just in case you’ve missed that little phrase!). Read anything; read everything: newspapers, websites, books, magazines, the side of a cereal box...

If the other work is becoming too much, then make regular reading your priority (along with some maths to keep your skills sharp).

If you’ve nothing at home that you would like to read, try one of these extracts. The first is fiction, the second is non-fiction and the final one is poetry:


Maths: Arithmetic – yeah! (either print out to write on or answer on paper from the screen). Choose either the Year 4 or Year 5 paper.   [The answers are on the last page – just so you're aware!]


And that’s it. There’s nothing else for today, unless you have something from earlier in the week or an earlier week that you wish to finish off/go back to.

Do try to make the most of the beautiful weather if you can. You might: sit out in your yard/garden (to do your reading maybe), go for a walk or even just spend a few quiet minutes looking out of your window ‘watching the world go by’.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe,

Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

       😊                   😊