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Day 5

Listen again and pause to make a list of all the birds who want to be ‘the bird king.’ Retell the story orally to each other. Use time
sequencing words and phrases to help organise your retelling, e.g. Once upon a time …, first, next, after that, later that day,
eventually, finally. Your challenge today is to write your own version of The Bird King! Replace the parakeet, toucan,macaw  etc. with your choice of birds. Perhaps you could include some birds that you have researched earlier this week!

Points to consider:
Why might each bird think that they should be the bird king? You could use this to highlight some of the birds’ special features, just as the birds do in the original (0:24 – 0:45 mins).
Think carefully about the bird which might replace the eagle. Which other large bird or bird of prey might fly so high?
Think carefully about which bird might replace the sparrow. Which other small bird could fly under the larger bird’s wing?
Talk about your ideas and your plan with an adult.
Practise each of your sentences out loud before you write. Remember to keep reading through your writing to check it makes sense and to check for spelling and punctuation.

When you have written your story, read it aloud to a family member or see if you can send it to me at school!

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