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Day 5

Hoping to phone lots of you for a catch up today.

If your phone says no caller ID it will be me...please answer smiley

Using your plan from yesterday, write your story – either to match I Walk With Vanessa or your own story about kindness.

Use the pictures in the book or your own plan to help you sequence the different parts of your story.

Remember to rehearse each sentence out loud to check it makes sense before you write it down.

Include character thoughts and feelings – remember you want to inspire your reader to be kind too!

You may also choose to include some of the new vocabulary you have found this week.

Proof-read your work to check for spelling and punctuation.

If you have written the story to match I Walk With Vanessa, you could replay the sharing of the pictures here:

I Walk With Vanessa

(with no sound) – with you reading your version of the story over the top.

Share your story with your family or post it to your teacher if you can. Enjoy spreading some kindness!

If you prefer an arithmetic test - enjoy, don't forget to let me know your score. I've also added a mixed test. You choose your challenge.

Yoga & Meditation with Zoe

An introduction to simple yoga practises for children with our dance teacher, Zoe. This video was created in partnership with Sweeney's Multi-Sports Communit...

How to Draw a Lighthouse Real Easy

This is only a short clip but whenever I use it in class the children will produce an amazing pictures. Sometimes they need a few practise sketches.
I would watch it through a couple of times with out drawing, then pause it after each stage.
I can't wait to see your pictures. Have fun x