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Day 5

Re-watch and/or re-read Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen using one/both links from yesterday. Look and listen out today for actions and vocal noises that really help to bring the poem alive!

Return to look at your plan for your own version based on your chosen food. On your plan, jot down an action or noise that you too may want to include in a particular section, e.g. oooooommmm, mmmmmmm, nice. Remember, you can create your own too!

Write your own version of the poem based on your chosen food, using your plan to help you. Think carefully about how to sequence the events and phrases or noises you may want to

use. You can use some of Michael Rosen’s and some of your own.

Keep re-reading back through your poem to check it makes sense.

Perform your poem for your household, making sure you too use lots of actions and noises to bring your performance alive! You may even choose to film your performance to send to your teacher in school!

Friday maths challenge - Don't forget to watch BBC Bitesize Friday Challenge.

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