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Day 5

Look back at all the Oliver Jeffers’ books you have read this week. You may even have some of your own favourites at home!
Today you may choose to either: complete your story from yesterday,
write a review of your favourite Oliver Jeffers’ book to encourage a friend to read it.
Information to include in your review:
Title (Remember capital letters!)
Author and illustrator (Remember capital letters again!)
Summary (a few sentences detailing what the story is about). You may want to use these sentence starters to help you:
The story is about …
It is set in …
Favourite Part (and an explanation why). You may want to use these sentence starters to help you:
My favourite part was … because…
I also enjoyed it when …
Age recommendation What age would you recommend the story for?
Star Rating
Other books by the same author (Remember capital letters!)