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Day 5

Watch and listen to these clips, narrated by David Attenborough:
Seven Worlds, One Planet – Peril on the Prairie:
Seven Worlds, One Planet -Mastering the Art of Nut Cracking:
Note how David Attenborough takes his time and sometimes pauses for several seconds to allow the viewer to watch key moments of the film.
Your task today is to write a voice-over (or narration) to read aloud over this clip about the big cats in Chester Zoo.
Big Cats at Chester Zoo:

The Big Cats At Chester Zoo

A compilation of the cats at Chester Zoo: Jaguars Sumatran Tigers Asiatic Lions Cheetahs I have recorded these clips over many different visits to Chester Zo...

Using your notes from yesterday, decide what you would like to tell your audience about each of the big cats featured in the film – Jaguars, Sumatran tigers and Asiatic lions. Which key facts will interest your audience the most? Which facts will you tell first? Are there any pieces of information that might match what is happening at particular moments in the film? E.g. You might be able to talk about a tiger’s diet when the film is showing the tiger eating.
You will need to watch the clip (or parts of the clip) more than once together with your notes, to decide which pieces of information to talk about when. You may choose to just write the voice-over to match one of the animals – it’s up to you! See the timings below.

(Jaguars 0:16 – 5:29 mins;
Sumatran tigers 5:30 – 6:22 mins;
Asiatic lions 6:23 – 7:53 mins).
Write out your notes in clear sentences in the order in which you want to read them. Practise reading your voice-over sentences whilst the film clip is playing. Remember to take your time and speak as clearly as possible so your listener can understand you.
When you are ready, perform your voice-over, whilst the film clip is playing, to your household.