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Day 5

Today you can either: Write the story to match the clip Pod’s Adventure – The Borrowers – BBC One: 

Pod's Adventure - The Borrowers - BBC One

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OR write your own adventure story about Borrowers or characters who have shrunk. Watch from 2:16 – 3:20 mins of the clip below to give you more ideas about what your miniature character(s) could do: Grandpa in my Pocket – Nothing Stops Grandpa:

Grandpa in My Pocket - Nothing Stops Grandpa | Series 1

Grandpa in My Pocket Series 1 Episode 24 - Nothing Stops Grandpa. You can watch more full episodes here:

Think about: Are your characters always small like the Borrowers or have they been shrunk like Grandpa or the children in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? Where is your story going to be set? Could it be set in your back garden, the street outside or perhaps a room in your house? What everyday objects might your small characters come across that to them appear huge? You could look around your garden, kitchen or lounge for ideas. What is going to be the problem in your story? Are they trying to return home, to their normal size, or are they trying to borrow an object from the human world? What obstacles might they face along the way? E.g. Being seen by a human, being smelt by a pet, being stood on, becoming trapped etc. Try to make your story as dramatic and exciting as possible! Remember some of the character reactions you have watched this week! You can also use some of the words you collected meaning small or big. You might choose to plan your writing first using a story map or you might simply want to start writing – it’s up to you. Keep re-reading your story to check it makes sense. Remember to check for spelling and punctuation too. Enjoy reading your story to your household when you have finished.