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Day Five

 Today you are going to write your own story about a bear! You can choose whether you’d like your story to be an with one of the bears you have read about this week, or perhaps you’d like to write a story about one of your own (teddy) bears from home. Remember all good stories must have a problem so think carefully about what is going to be the problem for your bear in your
story. E.g. When we first meet Paddington, he doesn’t have a home; the bear in Goldilocks and Just the One Bear is lost; and in A Bite in the Night, Bear’s scratching tree has disappeared. Once you have decided on your problem, you must then think about how it will be resolved!
Plan your story using a sequence of pictures to help you if you wish. Remember you will need to include a description of your bear and perhaps some of the other characters in the story.
You might like to use some of the ideas and facts you have read about/learnt this week.
As you write your story, keep reading back over each sentence to check it makes sense and that you haven’t missed any words out.
Try to use some interesting words to make your story entertaining to read and listen to.
When you have finished, post a copy of your story to your teacher to enjoy!

Just for fun. We would usually have a Summer Fair in Class Two and my favourite entry is always vegetable animals. Send me a photo of your entry.