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Day One

Today you are going to become a researcher! Your task is to find out all about bears!
With an adult, have a look at these webpages and read some information about bears.
As you read, jot down any key facts or pieces of information that surprise you. (Some of the facts may be repeated in the
different pages, but some pages will tell you new facts as well).
Using your notes to help you, create either a poster or a page to go in an information book – all about bears. Imagine the poster or book will be for children who are the same age as you, so try to make it as interesting and easy to follow as possible!
Remember to include:
- heading (e.g. All About Bears);
- sub-headings (e.g. What is a bear? What do bears look like? Where do bears live? What do bears eat?)
- labelled picture/ diagram
- amazing fact(s) to surprise your reader.
Keep reading over your writing to check it makes sense. Remember to check for your spellings and punctuation too!
Colour your picture/diagram and titles to make your page as bright and interesting as possible. If you can, post it to your teacher so they can share your poster/information page with the rest of your class!

Lesson 1 - Step 11 - Find three quarters

This is "Lesson 1 - Step 11 - Find three quarters" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.