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Day Two

You may choose to continue researching garden birds or consider wading birds or birds of prey – it’s
up to you! This time, create some Top Trumps cards displaying key facts about each bird. You may wish to include subheadings
such as:

Number of eggs
One/two sentences about the bird or an amazing fact.

Colour your pictures and make your cards as presentable as possible!
If you make a few cards, you could even play your Top Trumps bird game with your family!

Explore / Observe / First hand experiences: ONLY IF YOU CAN 

Can I change a material? Use  malleable resources (playdough, soft stuff, plasticine, play clay, ‘Floam’). Label the six sides of a dice with the words bend, pull, squash, twist, stretch, pinch. Use some malleable material  to make an animal (e.g. hedgehog, duck,  spider). You can only change the shape of your material with the movement you roll on the dice, one movement per roll.  Take a picture of your animal. 

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to make some playdough this is Mrs Canipa's foolproof recipe.

Recipe for non cook playdough

2 cups of plain flour

2 tablespoons of veg oil

1/2 cup of salt

2 tbsp of cream of tartar

up to 1.5 cups of boiling water (add as needed)

food colouring (if you want)

few drops of glycerine (will be ok without)


Sort / Group / Compare / Classify:

What can it do? Will it change shape? This activity lends itself to children recording their ideas in a table/chart. Make a collection of about 10 different everyday objects such as sponge, sock, eraser, spoon, drinking straw, etc. Try to use objects made from wood, plastic, metal or fabric, etc. The children then need to decide if each object can ‘bend, squash, twist or stretch’. A table of objects down the side and ‘what they can do’ across the top can be used to help the children record their findings.  Introduce the word rigid. Can your child suggest items that need to be rigid and items which need not to be? E.g what would happen if your spoon was not rigid? What if your bath towel was rigid?