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Dear Parents

Monday 8th. June


Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone is managing to stay sane supporting your children at home as well as everything else you have to do!


I am teaching in school again this week so I might not be so quick to respond to your emails and messages but I will do my very best!


This week, teachers have decided to try to make the work we set for home learning more uniform across all year groups. As part of this we will be using more of the work published by Lancashire L.A. and the White Rose Maths sheets. You will see that the format is different. Instead of grouping the work by days I have grouped it by subject. So all the work for this week will be in the subject subheading.


I hope this is OK. As always, remember there is no pressure to complete everything. Do what works best for your child/ren in your home situation. Happy, healthy children are much easier to live with than children who are stressed/bored/fed up with school work (I am speaking from experience here)!!! 


Keep going, everyone! You are all doing a magnificent job!


Mrs. T smiley