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Dear parents

Dear parents,


This is a really difficult time. The last thing I want to do is add to anyone's stress. With this in mind please, please don't feel any pressure to complete all of the work that I am setting for your children.


I realise that everyone's family is different; some of you have several children of different ages being given different work to home school; some of you are trying to carry on with your jobs at home while trying to support your children at the same time; some of you have to juggle using computers, etc. for the online learning. Although I have just one child myself, as a parent, I understand how some of you might be feeling. I've found that lowering my expectations of what can be achieved during this strange time, trying to go with the flow and not beating myself up about the things I can't do has helped me to stay sane (ish)!


So please, don't try to do everything. Choose the tasks that fit best for your individual family's situation. If there were just two things I would advise you try to do everyday they would be - make sure your child/ren read and do some times tables learning/revision.


Other than that, try to have some fun together. Get some exercise outside. Be a bit daft. Stay happy. Stay healthy. Please. smiley