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Day 5 (03.04.20)


Hi everyone – Happy Friday!

'Round up of the Week' - What a busy week you have had. From completing challenges, making Easter cards, bringing smiles and happiness with your beautiful rainbows to enjoying art work, exercising with Joe Wicks, daily runs and walks and continuing with your home learning. Well done Year 5! :)

  • Maths: We are now on day 5 of our decimals learning.


      We are still using the resources under Year 5 Week 1 at: (click the following link)

          Today, please watch the video called ‘Lesson 5 – Thousandths as decimals’.


          Then complete:


  • English / PSHE / Science: Below are some documents from Picture News. They are about the plight of the black rhino, which is an endangered animal. You could use these resources in any of the following ways:


(a) Read through them and think about your responses to any questions asked.


(b) Read through them with another family member and discuss your responses to what you have read and any questions that are asked.


(c) After reading and thinking about or discussing your ideas, complete some of the tasks that are suggested (such as designing your own wild animal or making a junk model).


  • English: Spelling - Today we would like you to practise some of the words from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list.


       Click on the link below and choose an activity/activities from either the Spelling Tiles section or the     

       Practice/Test section.


       Alternatively, there is a printable version of the complete list of words below. Focus on words beginning with

       ‘a’ today.


Below are some additional activities that you might choose to look at and make a start on today or you might choose to leave and come back to over the ‘holidays’. We appreciate that these holidays may not feel any different to the time you have already spent at home and so if you find yourself at a loose end any time, there is something here for you to do.

Easter challenges (Note - answers to the Eggsplosive Eggs challenege are at the end of the document)

Easter Craft Ideas


As Easter is next week, why don’t you have a go at an Easter craft such as one of these:





Click on the link below to watch a video on how to create these lovely Easter crafts.


You could also look back at the previous two week’s learning and check if there is anything there that you haven’t yet started/completed. Or you could go back to activities you have completed, such as the spelling activities, to reinforce your learning.


Try to keep up with daily/regular reading if possible, not least because it offers you time ‘away from it all’. How great to be able to ‘visit’ somewhere else from the comfort of your own bedroom or living room.

(We attempted to upload a version of the Easter story for you to read but the file was too large. If you would like a copy of this sent to you, please contact Miss Wood).


And finally, we hope you have a fantastic Easter, whatever you are doing. I wonder if any of you have managed to resist the temptation to eat the egg we gave you? We are hugely impressed if so and say, ‘Keep going, just over a week until you get your reward!’


We won’t be posting any new work over the holidays but don’t think we’ll have forgotten about you! We will still be available via the contact form and although it may take a little longer than it has been doing for us to reply, we will keep checking and then get back to you as soon as we can.


Sending our love and best wishes to you and your families this Easter time,

Stay safe,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa 😊