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Friday 10.7.20

Friday 10th. July

We've made it through another week. Well done, everyone! I'm proud of you! angel


Here are some different Maths ideas for you to choose from today. Try to fit in some Sumdog time as well and also some Hit The Button times table activities online. Keep your recall of those multiplication facts sharp. It will really help you in Year 5.


I hope your 'Cheer Mrs. Tilsley Up' contraption designs from yesterday have turned out well. Today I would like you to write an explanation of how your contraption works so that I will know how to use it. Remember to write your explanation in the correct order so that I know what to do first and then what to do next. You might want to use some of these words to help you:

* Firstly

* Next

* As soon as

* In order to

* This will make

* Therefore

* Consequently

* Finally

* Furthermore

* As a result


If you fancy doing some baking, here are some Wallace and Gromit recipes. I'm going to have a go at the strawberry cheesecake this weekend. Yum! heart