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Friday 15th May

There’s been some excellent spelling practice getting ready for the spelling test.

Spelling test day!


Get an adult to test you on the spellings you have been practicing all week. Only the days of the week and months of the year you recognised you couldn't spell at the beginning of the week. 


How did you do? Did you learn to spell some you didn't know before? Super!!! Can you spell them all? Which are the tricky ones or the parts of the words you always forget?


Please let me know how you did?


Also do not forget all the days of the week and months of the year need a clear capital letter at the beginning. 

Thursday 14th May -Maths answers

Maths - no Maths today!!!! You've worked hard this week.

Design & Technology


Following on from learning about materials and their properties in school we would now be learning all about structures and how to make things more stable.


Please find below a number of Design and Technology 'stable structures' challenges to choose from. Just pick one that looks interesting to you.

Enjoy and please send me your pictures and stories of how you got on. Was it a good challenge, was it fun, easy, difficult? 



LOVE FROM Mrs Ireland AND Miss Pickering