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Friday 17th July

Watch and enjoy this clip about Trees:

Trees | Educational Video for Kids

Hello friends, we're very happy to present the second episode of our series "Children can make a WORLD of difference" in which our planet Earth will tell us ...


Discuss what you know about trees now.

Read this information about trees together:

(Note: text may contain some American spellings).

Discuss what else you have found out together.

Now create a fact file/poster about the importance of trees, e.g.

Trees are useful because…

They give us …

Trees also provide …

We need to plant more trees so …

Using the information found out, make a quiz for your family!

See this quiz here for ideas:



(Note: text may contain some American spellings). Consider the following: Are you going to provide choices for your answers? (multiple choice) Are you going to use true/false questions? Hold the quiz with family members in your household or via an online video platform. It could be a weekend quiz!