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Friday 1st May 2020

Morning Reception Class smiley,


We have made it to Friday again! TGIF (thank goodness it is Friday)!! 


Here are the suggested challenges for today:-


1. Phonics - Choose one of the Phase 3 sheets from below. You can either print one of the sheets out and see if you can match the words with the pictures or ask an adult to put the worksheet up on the screen and see if you can read the words and match them up with the correct picture using your magic finger. 


Then, have a try at pages 64 and 65 in your Phonics CGP book.

2. Maths - This week, we have been learning about money. Can you remember all of the different coins? See if an adult can quickly test you on which coins you can recognise. Can you make different amounts to 10 using different coins?


Then, have a try at page 27 in your Maths CGP book on money problems.


3. If you are up for doing a challenge today, have a look at the challenge section for this week on the school website under week 4.  You can choose any of the challenges. Enjoy! smiley


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! smiley




Miss Farnworth. smiley