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Last but not least you creative bunch..can you create an Easter card with maybe a haiku message that you could post to a neighbour to brighten up their weekend? Here's mine (remember a haiku is 5-7-5 syllables):


Nature has woken

Green buds of hope a symbol

Of brighter days soon


The cross reminds us

Of sacrifice also joy

We understand now




Post me yours too!cheeky

Ill be keeping in touch over Easter to provide some Easter themed ideas too- can't get rid of me that easily

Biography interview questions


Using your espresso account login to English and biographies section (link is above).

Our Project after Easter will be to write a biography of a family member or close family friend.

Are you using Whatsapp or zoom to chat to your grandparents?  If not, now is the time to try to set it up!

You will be asking them questions to find out more about their lives and hopefully find out some things you don't already know!

look at theses questions and add some of your own.


Arithmetic tests- I know you've been missing them. Can anyone score full marks?