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Friday 22.5.20

Friday 22nd. May

Morning all! Here is today's work to finish off our dragon week. 


It's half-term next week so make sure you get lots of fresh air and have some outdoor fun! Have a great week, everyone!


Watch this short film called 'The Dragon Slayer'. Watch it a couple of times so that you can describe to someone in detail what happens. Think about these questions:

* What is the atmosphere like at the beginning of the film? Do you think the dragon slayer is a happy man? Why?

* What do the lines marked on the dragon slayer's shield mean?

* Did you expect a baby dragon to appear?

* How does the horse influence the dragon slayer's behaviour?

* How do you think the dragon slayer feels when he discovers triplets?

* Make sure you watch the film right up to the credits. What are the pictures at the end showing you?

* How has the dragon slayer changed by the end of the film? Is he a happy man now? Why?


Next, write the dragon slayer's diary for the day shown in this film. Imagine you are the dragon slayer and write in the first person (I). Remember to include your thoughts, feelings and opinions as well as describing what has just happened to you. 


Here is some co-ordinates work. Remember to read co-ordinates go along first then up.