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Friday 24.4.20

Friday 24th. April

It's Fabulous Friday! Make sure you do something fabulous today! Here is today's work. Then have a fabulous weekend!


In today's quick read find out how ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics were deciphered - can you find out what that word means?


To finish our work on 'The Egyptian Cinderella' I would like you to write the next installment of the story. What happens to Rhodopis next once she meets Pharaoh Amasis? 


Read the writing task sheet and then have a go. You can use the storyboard format as your plan and then write your story out in paragraphs. I want you to write your story for an audience so when you have finished it read it out loud to your family.



Follow the link...


So from your quick read comprehension earlier you know the ancient Egyptians wrote using pictures called hieroglyphs. Each picture stands for a sound. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics originally only used consonants in their alphabet but today we add vowels in order to help us read the hieroglyphics. Have a look at this power point about hierglyphics. Just follow the link.

Now I want you to try writing like an ancient Egyptian. Use the information mat and have a go at writing your name in hieroglyphics. Then you could write a secret message to someone in hieroglyphics! When you have had a good go at practising writing them, you can write your name in the cartouche on the worksheet. A cartouche was a special symbol used to write the name of the pharaoh in so you can be a pharaoh too!