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Friday 24th April 2020

Morning Reception Class smiley,


We have made it to Friday. TGIF (thank goodness it is Friday)! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Make sure you get lots of rest and spend lots of time with your family. smiley


Note to parents: I am back in school next week so I may not be able to reply to emails and messages straight away. Please bear with me and if you need to urgently speak to me, feel free to ring school. I will post next week's work over the weekend so it is on the school website ready for you.  Please remember any activities I post on here are only suggestions. Please only do what you can and if your child needs a break, take a rest and come back to an activity later or another day. The most important activity I would say in terms of home learning is reading. I can't stress how important reading is. 5/10 minutes of reading every day will make such a difference. If you need to contact me about anything, please do send me a message. I know this is a difficult time but we are in this together.smiley


Here are suggested activities that you could do today at home:-


1. Phonics - Today, we are learning two new tricky words 'what' and 'do'.  Ask an adult if they can write the words on pieces of paper. Then ask them to shout a word out. See if you can run to the correct word. Then have a try at pages 58 and 59 in your Phonics CGP book. Can you spot the tricky words that you have learnt today?


2. Maths - Today, we are going to have a look at positional language. Have a try at pages 35 and 36 in your Maths CGP book. 




Complete the White Rose Maths Challenge day 5 on  


3. Topic Challenge - This week, we have been looking at the story of 'Zog'. Can you follow the instructions below on how to draw a dragon?




Can you make a dragon mask?

I hope you enjoy your learning at home today. Have a lovely weekend!


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling!




Miss Farnworth. smiley