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Friday 24th April

Some super work again from yesterday.

Excellent Year 1!

Maths 1-50 ordering challenge update.....and the winner is Lola. Whhooppp!! Congratulations.

Leader Board

Lola - 4.23
Isaak - 6.05 

Lucie S - 6.33

Ava D - 7.05 (new and improved time 5.01 super)!

Esme - 9.53

Deryn - ordered 1-100 excellent!!! 


Has anybody else tried the challenge? Last chance today. I will reveal the winner by the end of the day. Can you improve your score or beat 4mins 23secs? 


It's Friday!!!

You've all worked so hard this week (including parents), lets have some fun today.

Design Technology


As you can see below we have lots of the Julia Donaldson books at home. My Emily loves them. We do collected them. Julia Donaldson has created many wonderful characters (see pictures). What are your favourite characters of hers? Stick Man, The Gruffalo, Tiddler, The Ladybird, Zog, Superworm?


Your task today is to make one of the characters from the Julia Donaldson books using as many different materials as you can.


Continue reading below.....

You will need to search your house/recycling box for as many materials as you can that you could use to make your character. We had a search around our house. We found things made from cardboard, paper, fabric, wood, metal, rubber, wax and plastic (see pictures).
You then need to look at all the materials you have collected and see which character you could make. Before you make your character you need to design it (see our design for an example). Make sure you label your design. What material are you going to use for each part of the character?

Then get creative and make your character. You might find that you change your mind from your design as you go along, but that is OK. You might find a better material or an alternative to make your character look more realistic. Note down on your design any changes you made (see ours).


Please send pictures, we would love to see what you have created and I am sure the rest of your classmates would.


Here is Emily’s Stick Man with a little help from me. We had fun making it together. If you notice we have also used a ‘natural’ material. We used leaves.


Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

x Mrs Ireland & Miss Pickering x