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Friday 27th March 2020

Morning Reception Class smiley,


TGIF (Thank goodness it is Friday)! I'm sure you are all ready for a relaxing weekend after working so hard with your home learning this week. It has seemed a very long and quiet week without you all being in School. I miss you all lots! Next week is going to be really strange for me as I won't be in School but will be working from home. Mr Peers has split the teachers into 3 teams. I have been in School all this week but won't be back in until after the holidays. I am going to try (haha) to keep doing the Joe Wicks workout in a morning. It is very tiring. Well done to those children who have been doing it every morning! I will keep posting home learning on here and will be available through email if you have any questions about your learning. Please continue to send me photographs and videos of your learning on Tapestry. All of your photos and videos have made me smile this week so thank you. smiley


Challenges for today are as follows:-


Phonics - We are recapping on some more phase 3 sounds. The ones we are looking at today are 'oa', 'oo' (long and short sound) and 'ar'. You may wish to complete pages 40 and 41 in your Phonics CGP book. 




You may wish to complete the make a match game phase 3 (oa,oo and ar game) on PhonicsPlay.


Perhaps, you could practise writing some words with 'oa', 'oo' or 'ar' in chalk in your garden (again ask for permision off an adult first smiley).


Maths - We are recapping on doubling. We have been looking at doubling throughout the year. Remember doubling is adding the same number together. You may wish to complete pages 16 and 17 in your CGP Maths book on doubling. I have also found a numberblock video about doubling and some doubling songs from YouTube (see below). You may wish to listen to them to help you learn about doubling.


Perhaps you could see if you could find any objects to show doubling in your house. Send me any photographs of any doubling work that you do. smiley


Optional challenge for today - You may wish to draw a picture of your favourite home learning activity and write a sentence about your favourite home learning activity. Perhaps, you could start a diary where you write about home learning. I'm sure this period of time will be talked about in History lessons in the future. Perhaps your writing will help children of the future to learn about home learning.


Have a lovely weekend. Please email or ring me if you need any help with anything.  I am so proud of all of you! Keep working hard, being kind and keep smiling smiley!




Miss Farnworth x