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Friday 3.7.20

Friday 3rd. July

We've made it through another week, everyone. Well done, Year 4 gang! I am so, so proud of you! Now, go and have a lovely weekend!


I would like you to complete an arithmetic test today. You know what to do. The answers are at the end of the test so you can mark it yourself. No cheating! Good luck!


Today you are going to do some writing based on what you have read this week. You can choose which one of the following writing tasks you want to do.


TASK 1: What happens next? Carry on the next part of the story 'Run Wild'. What will the children do? Are they safe? What will the wolf do? How will they escape without the wolf noticing them, or does the wolf notice them?


TASK 2: Write your own story based on 'Run Wild'. Try to stick closely to the plot of 'Run Wild', just changing one thing. You could change the characters, the setting or change the wolf to another dangerous animal. Plan your story out briefly and then write it.


TASK 3: Write a diary entry as if you are one of the characters. Recount what happened to you and include thoughts and emotions.


It's over to you...