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Friday 3rd July 2020

Morning Reception Class,


TGIF ( thank goodness it is Friday) ! smiley


Here are the suggested tasks for today:


1. Phonics - This week, we are recapping on the phonic sounds and tricky words that we have learnt so far. Today, we are recapping on tricky words. Read the story below and circle any of the tricky words in the story. 


2. Writing - Below is a document produced by the English team at Lancashire County Council. They have come up with some Literacy lessons for Reception Class. The theme this week is 'Monster Mash'. Below is the grid with the activities on with links to videos, texts and resources for the week. I have picked out an activity for you to do each day. However, feel free to select a different activity if you feel that your child would benefit/enjoy doing that activity more. I would love to see your work. Feel free to send me any work on Tapestry.  smiley

Design and create your own special monster. This could be using junk modelling or a drawing/painting.


Talk about:
What shape will its head and body be?

How many legs/arms will it have?

Will it be spotty or stripy?

Will it have multiple eyes?

Will it have horns?

Will it have claws?

Using your own monster that you have created, make your own monster fact file for someone to read.


This could include:


- What he/she looks like.

- What they eat.

- What it does. How it behaves, etc.


Remember to use your phonics to help you spell the words. smiley

3. Maths -


Click on the link above. Today, we are looking at week 10, day 5.


Have a try at the activities in the document below:

Then, have a try at matching up the ten frames with the correct teen number below?

If you are up for a challenge, have a look at the 'Topic Challenges for this week' section under week 12 on the remote learning for Reception. Feel free to send me any photographs of any learning at home.  smiley


Thank you for all of your hard work this week! I am so proud of all of you! Enjoy your weekend! smiley




Miss Farnworth.   smiley