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Monday 11.5.20

Monday 11th. May

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and enjoyed lots of outside time in the gorgeous weather. I re-potted my sunflowers (Pablo and Vincent) on Saturday into a bigger pot and put them outside. I hope I haven't done it too soon!


** Parents, I am in school all of this week so please bear with me in terms of responding to emails and messages. If there's anything you think might help you to support the children's learning let me know this week and if I can get anything from school for you e.g: paper copies of anything, etc. I will. **


Some of the work this week will be in booklet form and should last for the whole of the week so you can decide how much you want to complete each day. Don't worry if you can't print any of the booklets, you will still be able to write the tasks down yourself on paper. I hope this is OK but remember just do what you can. Some days are easier than others with home learning (I've found!).


Take care of you and yours! smiley


This booklet has lots of reading and written work based on a story called 'The King of Fishes' . The booklet is divided into sections of work and gives instructions for each section. 'The King of Fishes' is a fable - a story with a message/a lesson to learn. This is your English work for the whole of this week.


Continuing with a fishy theme here are all the words Year 4 should be able to read and spell - on a fish! Practise spelling the words and colour the word when you can spell it independently. If you can't print the sheets draw your own fish and write the words in yourself. That's good practice too!


Here are some ideas for different Maths activities. See how many you can do. Remember to play Sumdog and Hit The Button for times tables if you can.