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Monday 1.6.20

Monday 1st. June

Good morning, Year 4! I hope you are all doing OK and had a good half term week. How are your sunflowers doing? All this sunshine is great for them but don't forget to water them too.


So we are embarking on your final half term as a Year 4 student. Remember just do your best with the work that I set. Some days you might do lots of the work, some days maybe not as much. I don't expect you to do everything every day. You must, however, remember to get outside in the fresh air every day, do some exercise, try to have some fun and stay happy. smiley 


If we were at school this book would be our class novel - the one I read to you - it's called 'Beetle Boy' by M. G. Leonard. It's a really good story and if you enjoy this extract I recommend getting the book to read the rest. 


Today you are going to use a music video as a stimulus for some thinking and writing. Watch the video a few times until you are confident that you know what happens to the boy in the correct order. Then have a go at thinking about the questions on the task sheet.


Here's some work to help you with your times tables recall. Knowing the times table facts is so important and will really help you with Maths in Year 5. You could do a bit each day - I'll leave that bit up to you.