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Monday 18.5.20

Monday 18th. May

Good morning, everyone! I hope you've all had a good weekend and stayed safe too. We are going to have a dragon theme for our work this week. So here we go...


Here's something dragon related to read if you need something new to get your teeth into! I'm not setting any questions to go with it. Just enjoy reading it.


Have a look at this power point slideshow about how to look after a dragon. Use the ideas to help you invent your own pet dragon. Then write an instruction booklet about how to care for your dragon. Here are some things to think about:

* Draw a picture of what your dragon looks like and give it a name.

* Where is your dragon's natural habitat? Mountains, forests, somewhere cold or hot?

* How did you catch your dragon and make it your pet?

* What does it eat and drink?

* Where do you keep it? 

* How do you keep it clean and healthy? Do you take it for walks on a lead?

* How does your dragon behave? 

* What problems are there with having a dragon as a pet? How do you sort those problems out?


Have a go at the sheets below. Remember just do what you can. Try to fit some Sumdog and some Hit The Button in this week too.