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Monday 20th April 2020

Morning Reception Class smiley,


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and got lots of chocolate eggs to eat! Yum!


I am missing you all lots! I hope you are all well and keeping safe!


Who is still doing the Joe Wicks workout? Well done to those of you who have been doing it every morning. smiley Remember 9am on his YouTube channel.


Here are the challenges for today:-


1. Phonics - If your parents have liked the school facebook page, they may have seen that there is a 5 minute fun phonics lesson today, Wednesday and Friday at 10am. I believe if you click on the 5 minute fun page at 10am, the video should be on there. If facebook lets me, I will post a link tomorrow at 10am.


Then you may wish to play Buried treasure on Phonicsplay. Use the free login on the home page for Phonicsplay. Then click on Phase 4 and on Buried Treasure. Then click on Phase 4 and click on CVCC words set 1-7. See the link below:-


Then complete pages 50 and 51 in your CGP Phonics book.


2. Writing - Draw a picture of your favourite day or activity from the Easter holidays. Then see if you can use your phonics to write a sentence to describe your favourite day. Please feel free to send me any photographs of your writing and pictures on Tapestry. I would love to see them. smiley


3. Maths - This week, we are going to focus on subtraction. Below are some Powerpoints and games to help you learn about what subtrction is. 



Then complete page 13 in your Maths CGP book on subtracting. To help you work out the answers to the number sentences, I would suggest you use some objects to help you (cars, dinosaurs, dolls, teddies, pencils, crayons etc). 


Here are some subtraction songs on YouTube that you may wish to listen to:-


Here is a Numberblocks episode about subtraction:-


Optional challenges:-


Maths challenge - Look at the document below and see if you can complete the Maths challenge from the White Rose Maths website. I will post a new Maths challenge every morning. 



This half - term, we are learning about 'People who help us'. I think that this is a very important topic especially with the current situation. There are so many people that are helping to fight this horrible virus and I think it is so important that we learn about these people and thank them for all that they are doing. This week, we will focus on people who help in the NHS. You may wish to look at the Powerpoints below to learn more about our wonderful NHS. I have also posted some songs about people who help us. You may wish to learn them. Perhaps, you could record yourself singing them and post them on Tapestry. smiley


Optional: You may wish to make a hospital or an ambulance out of junk modelling or construction materials such as lego.




You may wish to make a thank you card for someone that you know of who works for the NHS.


I hope you all have a fun day of home learning. Please remember that these activities are only ideas for you to do at home. Please don't feel under pressure to do all of them. They are only suggestions. smiley


Keep smiling, stay safe and take care.




Miss Farnworth. smiley