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Monday 20th April

Maths - Summer 1 Week 1

Number and Place Value


Please find an explanation for parents/guardians on how we teach and model Place Value in class.


There are 3 worksheets to have a go at (easy, medium, hard). Pick one, two or all if you really want yes.



English - Julia Donaldson stories and writing opportunities


The Highway Rat


If you have the story of The Highway Rat then please ask an adult to read it with you. Talk about the book as you go along. Do you understand what is being read? Have you any questions as you go along?


If you do not have the book please find the video here...


Look out for/listen for these you know what they are/mean?


1. clover

2. scornful

3. bounding

4. reining

5. snarled

6. rotten

7. baring

8. bellowed

9. refuse




12. What does 'eat your fill' mean?


Writing activity

In the story, the Highway Rat steals from others around him. Can you make a wanted poster for the Highway Rat, listing his name, what he looks like (appearance), his crimes and what the reward would be if you find him?


Please find below a 'wanted poster' template or you could make one of your own.

The Highway Rat colouring sheet

Science - materials and their properties


Challenge - can you distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made?


Go on an object hunt around the house and garden or even on your daily exercise walk.


Can you find anything like the following....and what are they made from/what is the material?


  • wooden toys, ruler, wooden Christmas decoration, wooden ornament, stick, bark, small piece of log - WOOD
  • construction brick, plastic toy, plastic bottle, cup, ruler, dish, plastic jewellery - PLASTIC


  • coin, paperclip, screws, chrome household item, metal jewellery, metal ruler - METAL 
  • use items that are safe and unlikely to break easily e.g. paper weights, large glass beads, heavy glass ornaments such as a candlesticks, old pair of spectacles, a small glass vase, a drinking glass - GLASS
  • boxes, post-it notes, note pad, corrugated card, cardboard roll, birthday card, letter, photograph - PAPER/CARDBOARD
  • plate, dish, jug, bowl, mini teapot, small ornament, small ceramic vase - crockery / ceramic / clay
  • a sock, handkerchief, clothing items from a teddy, pair of PE shorts, face cloth, glove, hat - fabric / textile


Happy hunting. I'd love to see some pictures. Maybe you could label what you find.

Or please find below an activity sheet instead....
Short spelling and grammar activity mat (1)