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Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning Reception Class,


I hope you have all had a safe and relaxing weekend. I know today may seem strange. I know you may be missing school but please remember Miss Marshall and I are missing you all and are praying that we will get to teach you again before you move up to Year 1.  You have all worked so hard and Miss Marshall and I are proud of all of you! You are all superheroes and I am so lucky to be your teacher! Please remember to be kind and helpful to your parents and your siblings while you are learning from home. As Cinderella says, "Have courage and be kind. Where there is kindness there is goodness and where there is goodness there is magic." If we can all be kind to each other, it will make the world a better place and help fight towards getting rid of those nasty germs.


 Here are your challenges for today:-


1. If you have access to YouTube then ask your Mum or Dad to let you start your day by taking part in a live workout with Joe Wicks (Body Coach TV) at 9am.


The workout will last for 30 minutes and will help keep you fit and healthy whilst having lots of fun at the same time. If you miss the workout, perhaps you could go for a walk with an adult or play out for a while in your yard/garden.


2. Spend 5 - 10 minutes reading your reading book or go on Oxford Owl and choose a book to read with your Mum or Dad. The login details were sent home for Oxford Owl on Friday. Any problems, ask your Mum or Dad to email or ring me.


3. Phonics - Have a look at the Phase 3 mat that I sent home on Friday. Ask an adult to test you on the phonic sounds. Which sounds can you remember? Please don't worry if you don't know all the sounds yet. We will be recapping on them over the next few weeks. Remember what I have been saying all year, the best way to learn is to, "Try and try and try again." Today, we are going to recap on the 'sh' sound. 

The following website has several games where you can practise reading 'sh' words. We have played these games in class before. Today please play the game Buried treasure and click on 'sh' words to practise. In this game, you have to drag the coins with real words on them to the treasure chest and drag the words with fake words on them to the dustbin. Challenge yourself - how many words can you read correctly? 

On the home page, there are login details for parents.


In the Phonics CGP book, turn to page 32 and 33. See if you can practise reading 'sh' and 'ch' words. Remember to use your cursive flying with phonics sound mat (sent home on Friday) and yellow sound books to help you form the letters correctly. Apologies, the CGP book is not in cursive writing so please remember how we have been forming the letters all year. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate after playing the phonics games on Phonicsplay then please take a break and either complete later today or tomorrow. 


4. Maths - Look at page 1 in your CGP Maths book. Practise reading the numbers and writing them using the correct number formation. Remember to use the number formation rhymes that are in your book bag to help you form the numbers correctly.  You may wish to go on a number hunt round your house or you may wish to practise writing numbers in your garden using chalk (please ask an adult for permission first). Please feel free to send me any photographs of your number hunt on tapestry. If your Mum or Dad has forgotten their login details, ask them to message me or ring me and I can send them a new password for them to login. It would be lovely to see how your learning is going at home so please feel free to send me any photographs on tapestry.


5. Optional - I know the world may seem like a scary place at the moment and you may feel sad that you cannot attend school or see your friends. I would like you to remember the story of 'Noah's Ark' and how after the flood, God sent a rainbow to promise that he would never flood the earth again. You may of heard the following saying, "After every storm comes a rainbow." 


I would like you to help provide hope and positivity to others that we can fight these horrible germs and to show thanks to all the key workers who are working really hard to keep us all safe. Please would you make a rainbow and display it in your window. You can be as creative as you like! You can draw, colour or paint a rainbow. Again, if you would like to send your rainbow to me then please post them on tapestry. I would love to see how creative you can be!


I hope you have a lovely first day of home learning. Please remember to smile, have lots of fun and have lots of breaks. If you are feeling tired or struggling to concentrate, you can always finish off these challenges tomorrow. The most important thing is to keep smiling and to be safe and healthy. Take care and please stay in touch through tapestry. Miss you all lots.


Miss Farnworth smiley