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Monday 27.4.20

Monday 27th. April

Good morning all! Have you had a good weekend? I've been chopping down part of a tree in my garden this weekend so we can put up a new fence. Phew! It was hard work! Did anyone have a barbecue in the sunshine! Yum... scrummy burgers! wink


OK. Today's work is here. Do what you can.


Today you are going to find out a bit more about the exciting discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in The Valley of the Kings in Egypt in 1922. Have a good read of the power point. It's very exciting and Howard Carter was a bit naughty! Then imagine you are Howard Carter and write his diary for the day. Try to write about his thoughts, feelings and opinions about what happens. Did you know that Tutankhamun's tomb was thought to be cursed?!!


Here's the link for today's White Rose Maths lesson.


This afternoon get outside and do some environmental art! You can do it anywhere with whatever you can find. Here are some photographs to give you some ideas. Be imaginative! Take a photo of what you make and send me an email of it.