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Monday 29.6.20

Monday 29th. June

Good morning, guys and gals! Hope you had a great weekend. Here's to the start of another week! I am really missing seeing all of your lovely faces now! In school, I am teaching a Reception bubble and a Year 6 bubble. It is very strange though... not at all like normal school. Hope you are trying your best to stay cheerful and to keep going with everything. We can do it! laugh


This week's Maths is all about tables, charts and graphs. You will be interpreting data from them. I really like this kind of Maths! Here are your White Rose Maths worksheets as well as the link to the teaching video.


You are going to use a new book for your English work this week. It's called 'Run Wild' and it's written by an author called Gill Lewis. The story is set in London. It's a story about friendship, skateboarding and wolves! Enjoy reading the extract below which is the opening to the book. You will find out a bit about wolves and a bit about skateboarding too! Do any of you have a skateboard?


Read to the bottom of page 9 and then have a go at the word task. Then I want you to think about your first impressions of the main characters Luke, Scott, Izzy, Connor and Asher. What are they like? How do you know? How does what they say and what they do tell you about their personalities?