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Monday 6.7.20

Monday 6th. July

Hello, Year 4! Hope you are all OK. If we were at school together this would be your penultimate week in Year 4 and we would be writing letters to your new teacher in Year 5 telling her all about YOU. This could be something you can do at home this week ready to bring back to school in September. Write a letter and tell your next teacher what you like/dislike at school, what you are good at/what you need to work harder at, who your friends are, what your interests and hobbies are, what clubs you go to when you're not at school. Over to you...


This week, let's finish our Year 4 learning. Here we go...  smiley


Here is your White Rose learning for today. It's all about shapes and angles this week.


This week you can choose which English work you want to do. Your choices are -


ENGLISH TASK 1: You could choose this task which is the 'Mission Possible' booklet attached below. This booklet will be the work for the whole week so you won't need to check the daily task board. This booklet contains all the instructions and activities you will need.


ENGLISH TASK 2: You could choose this task which is based on the Wallace and Gromit animations. If you choose this task you will need to check the daily task board for your work.

English Task 2: Watch the clip of the train chase from Wallace and Gromit; The Wrong Trousers. Have a go at writing a description of what happens in this scene. It is an action scene so try to make it sound exciting. You could try to include what Wallace says. If you do, remember to use inverted commas.