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Monday 8th June 2020

Morning Reception Class,


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! smiley


Here are the suggested activities for today:-


1. Phonics - Have a try at pages 28 and 29 in your Phonics CGP book.  It is recapping on phase 3 sounds that we learnt previously in the year. Can you match the pictures with the correct captions/sentences?


You may wish to play phase 3 phonic games on:-


2. Writing - Below is a document produced by the English team at Lancashire County Council. They have come up with some Literacy lessons for Reception Class. The theme this week is 'Hoot! Hoot!' Below is the grid with the activities on with links to videos, texts and resources for the week. I have picked out an activity for you to do each day. However, feel free to select a different activity if you feel that your child would benefit/enjoy doing that activity more. I would love to see your work. Feel free to send me any work on Tapestry. smiley

Listen to and enjoy the reading of Owl Babies here:-

Listen to the story again, this time pausing to talk about what happens on each page. Questions you might like to ask may include: How many owl babies were there? What were their names? What did they think might have happened to their mother? How do you think they were feeling? What did Bill keep saying all the way through the story? What was your favourite part of the story? Be ready to share your favourite part too!

Ask your child to draw the three owl babies. Can they label them with their names? If you can, try to write a sentence inside a speech bubble for one, two or all three of the owl babies. Encourage your child to use their phonics to help them with their spelling.


You can use a blank piece of paper for your work or use the owl border paper below:-

3. Maths -


Click on the link above. Today, we are looking at week 7, day 1. 


Can you order the days of the week correctly?


Can you draw and design your own shape themed clothes?

If you are up for a challenge, have a look at the 'Topic Challenges for this week' section under week 9 on the remote learning for Reception. Feel free to send me any photographs of any learning at home.  smiley


I hope that you all have a lovely day of home learning.


Keep smiling!




Miss Farnworth.smiley