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Spelling challenge for the week

Do you know how to spell ALL the Days of the Week and the Months of the Year?




Have a go at spelling the days of the week without any help and then ask an adult to mark them. Make a list of all the ones you need to practice. Then have a go at spelling the months of the year without any help. Ask an adult to mark them and make a list of the ones you need to practice. 


Throughout the week practice the ones you need to learn as much as you can. Write them on pieces of paper and put them around the house to remember them. Paint them, chalk them on the floor, use magnetic or foam letters you may have to spell them. Be a teacher, get an adult to write them out, tell them what letters to write. Do whatever you need to do to try and learn them. 


Each day I will remind you to practice them and on Friday we will have a 'test'. How many more have you learnt to spell this week? Go for it!!!!


Spell the Days of the Week! (song for kids about spelling the days of the week)

Spell the Months of the Year! (spelling the months & clapping syllables)