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Sunflower Competition

Let me know how your sunflowers are doing and I'll post your news here.

Tuesday 14th. April: Mrs. Tilsley's tallest sunflower is 10 cm. wink


Tuesday 14th. April: Dayner is in the lead with 10.5 cm. yes

Sunday 26th.April: Mrs. T. re-potted her sunflowers into separate plant pots. They now have names - Vincent and Pablo. Vincent is 24 cm tall today.
Monday 27th.April: Dayner's sunflowers look magnificent with so many leaves! The tallest is 25 cm today.
Tuesday 5th. May: Here's a sunflower update: Charlie's sunflower measured 12 cm today and is growing fast. It looks strong and healthy. Charlie has also been planting other things to grow! 
Tuesday 12th. May: BEEP! BEEP! Sunflower update...
Dayner's tallest sunflower is now 45 cm tall.
Jack H.'s tallest sunflower is a whopping 51 cm!!!
Thursday 21st. May: Lucia's tallest sunflower is 44 cm and looking good...
Also today, Mrs. T's tallest sunflower (Vincent) is 57 cm! 

Friday 5th. June: A sunflower growing update!

Charlie's sunflower is now 73 cm tall.

Jack H's sunflower is 92 cm tall.