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Thursday 14.5.20

Thursday 14th. May

Hello again, everyone! Hope you are all OK. Have you walked past school recently and seen the field? The builders are really cracking on with the foundations for our Key Stage 2 yard and the all-weather pitch. It's going to be amazing! And enormous! That's something to look forward to when we all get back to school. blush


OK, so carry on with the ongoing English, Spelling and Maths work today.


We are living through a very significant time at the moment. In the future, people will talk about the COVID-19 pandemic as a major historical event. There will even be exam questions about it in schools! It's important that we and the people of the future don't forget about what is happening now.


So I want you all to be the makers/recorders of history. I have attached a COVID-19 diary booklet that will ask you to think about the ways this virus has changed your lives. I am making a time capsule/archive box for our school and putting in lots of things that will help future generations learn about how we are living now. So far I've put in evidence of home learning, how we are using Facebook and email to communicate and examples of the rainbows that everyone has made to show support for the NHS as well as other things. If you have something you want to put in the box as evidence then save it until we are back at school. Mr. Tilsley will take our Christ Church archive to Lancashire Archives in Preston where it will be kept safe for the future.


Don't worry if you can't print the booklet just make your own diary using the same ideas.


Happy History making!