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EasterThemed Maths Mystery

Good Morning - it's nearly the holidayssurprise. I have set work that is book or IT based. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO BOTH- do whatever you have access to.



English- please spend half an hour on Read Theory. I will be checking the class info tonight- I can see how you are all doing, and some of you are doing well.

I would like you to tackle the creative writing- you are amazing writers so please keep us using all the kills you have learnt.

I love reading them! email me at



Maths-  This is the website we use in class to play bingo and dartboards. Have a  look and choose one of the games you like.  I'd like you to have  a go on this one especially.


Book based

English- 10 min tests Set A test6 and puzzle

Maths !0 min tests Test 3 and 4



We are decorating hard boiled eggs this afternoon- hopefully you will join us. Look at facebook too- Josh has posted his biscuit classification from our science yesterday- a tasty idea!

Keep smiling x