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Thursday 26th March


'Im putting this on in advance, in case we are busy in the morning- even though Mr Peers isn't in he is still sending me lots of emails and jobs to do!

Hope you all have  a great day...


Today can you:

- complete a session on read theory

- P23-24 in your maths books

If you want something extra...


Here is some spelling practice too.. could you play a game of hangman with  a sibling, parent or maybe a  friend-on the computer? 

If not here is a link for you to test yourselves...


Don't forget its Easter Egg Comp next week- we will have to judge from pictures!!




 story opening for the hole in the fence.
I was puzzled.What could it be?Things kept disappearing from our garden.Of course, my parents thought it was thiefs, but I had a feeling it was something different, something unusual. I'd gotten into the habit of standing at my window with my rusty old camera in hand ready for someone or even something to take something else.The tree, nobody was in the garden yet it still was coming out of the ground.There was a force, I don't know where from but I know that it wasn't good.It was pulling me towards the fence, the fence with a hole in.POP!The window opened and out I went ...



Thanks Olivia- this is a bit like our suspense story openings. Love this. Has anybody else got some writing to share?


I loved your letter too Josh... especially the bit about the toilet roll! Was your computer for your birthday? Hope you are keeping well.

Thanks for the pictures too Grace and Lily- looks like you are using  your time  well. No more 'wormy' additions Grace?