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Thursday 21.5.20

Thursday 21st. May

Morning, morning, morning!

So I was just wondering if you know which day of the week that dragons eat the most? Do you know? Shall I tell you?


I am just so funny! wink

Have you got any dragon jokes that can beat mine for laughability?


Here's a dragon quest for you to undertake. Are you brave enough for this challenge?

Use the power point on slideshow if you can, it works better full screen.


Here's a poem about a dragon called Custard (there's also a pirate in it, me hearties!). It tells a story about how Custard transforms from being a coward into a hero. Read the poem out loud. It's really important to read it aloud so that you can get the rhythm of the words. Read it a few times over so that you can tell someone what happens in the poem. Then see if you can sequence the events of the poem in the correct order. You can use the comic strip template if you like or make your own.


Do you remember all the way back in October (the last time I saw you all), we started to draw some dragon eyes? We didn't finish them because I was then off school poorly. Well, I thought you might like to have another go. Here are some examples by me to get you started.