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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Morning Reception Class smiley,


I hope you all well, staying safe and still smiling.


What beautiful weather we are having! I hope that you all managing to enjoy some of the lovely weather. I have seen some lovely photos on Tapestry of some of you going on sunny walks, looking for different insects and flowers. Keep sending me any work that you do. I love to see what you are doing at home! All of your pictures make me smile smiley! I miss you all lots! 


Here are the challenges for today:-


1. Phonics - Have you been watching the 5 minute fun Phonics lessons? There is another one this morning at 10am on 5 minute fun facebook page. You may wish to watch and join in if you like. smiley


Next, have a look at these pictures and words in the document below. Ask an adult if they can print and cut them out for you. How quickly can you match the pictures up with the correct word?





If you don't have a printer. Then, have a try at the game below:-


Click on 'Make a match game Phase 3 sh ch th ng'. Can you read the words and match them up with the correct picture?


Today, we are learning two more new tricky words. They are 'little' and 'one'. Ask an adult if they can write them on a piece of paper so that you can learn them. Then, play a quick game with an adult. If they hold up the word 'little', then crouch down on the floor and if they hold up the word 'one', then put one arm up in the air. You can choose different actions if you prefer. Give yourself a point for every word that you read correctly. How many points can you score?


Can you practise writing 'one' and 'little'? Can you write these words from memory using a pencil, felt tip pens, chalk, crayons etc?


Then, have a try at pages 56 and 57 in your Phonics CGP book. Can you spot the tricky words that you have learnt today?


Below are some Phonics challenges that you may wish to do:-



2. Writing - This week, we have been looking at the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. Below is the link to the video of 'Zog'. If you haven't already watched it, you may wish to watch it today.


Task for today - What skills must Zog learn at dragon school? Write a list of these skills, titled 'How to become a dragon....'. You may wish to use the template below or your own writing materials from home.

3. Maths 


Starter: Have a try at this counting activity below:-


This week, we have been learning about subtraction. Can you complete one of the subtraction challenges below? Remember to use objects or toys to help you work out the answers to the subtraction number sentences.

Optional Challenges:-


Maths - Have a look at the challenge below from White Rose Maths day 4. Can you complete the patterns challenge?


Topic Challenge - Rupert and Ava have been doing some fantastic Science experiments at home! Well done to both of you! smiley I have found some more Science experiments that you may like to have a go at. I would love to see photos and videos of your experiments! 


I hope you all have a fun day of home learning! If you need any help with any of the activities, please ask an adult to email me.




Miss Farnworth. smiley