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Thursday 23rd April

yes More amazing work from Year One.

You are all doing so well and we are really proud of you. yes

Maths 1-50 ordering challenge update...


Leader board

Ava D - 7:05

Esme  - 9:53


Mrs Ireland - 3:49 (I realise I am at an advantage being the 'teacher'). Ops!


Can you beat them or improve your scores. Come on Year 1!!!




Did you manage to find yourself a new reading book on the Oxford Owl website? Did you find any good books? Let me know what you have been reading then I can share any good books with the rest of your classmates.


Here is the link again if you missed it and want a new reading book.


  • My class name - christchurchyr
  • My class password - magic

Maths - Number and Place Value Week


Have ago at this 'number of the week' challenge.


English - The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson


If you have the story of The Snail and the Whale then please ask an adult to read it with you. Talk about the book as you go along. Do you understand what is being read? Have you any questions?


If you do not have the book you can watch it here...


Writing Activity

Imagine you are the snail in the story and you can choose to visit any place in the world with the whale. Where would you go and why and what would you take with you?


Write and draw a list of items you would put in your suitcase, and explain why you would take them.



Phonics - Tricky words practice (colouring)
Science - Practical investigation/fair testing

What is the best material for an umbrella?


Use the power point and activity sheet to help you conduct a scientific experiment. I realise you may not have all the resources suggested on the power point at home, but I think it can be easily adapted.


You could use any plastic container from the kitchen to put a teddy or other soft toy in, a water jug to pour the water, paper, cardboard, foil, cling film, fabic (maybe a flannel) and elastic bands or string.


Have fun and remember to do the same each time to keep it fair.