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Thursday 2.7.20

Thursday 2nd. July

Good morning, all! Hope you are all OK. 


Here is your White Rose Maths work for today.


What do you know about wolves? Today you are going to research this wild animal. Have you ever seen a wolf? I once saw a wolf in a zoo in Spain. It spent the whole day pacing round its enclosure. I wished that I could set it free into the wild where it should be. This wolf was alone and it made me wonder whether all wolves should live in a pack. What would you like to know about this animal? Your first job is to think carefully and then write down 5 questions you would like to find the answers to about wolves. You can use the sheet below or make your own. 


Next, use the web links below to research wolves. You might want to take some notes about facts you find particularly interesting. Can you find the answers to any of your 5 questions?


Finally, make a fact sheet about wolves using the information you have found. 


Have a go at drawing a realistic looking wolf. Watch this tutorial to see how...