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Thursday 3Oth April

Good morning- internet not working at school again 

Most of you are saying that you can't access the Skellig online book- I have 30 books here so if you are able to drop by on your daily exercise I could leave one outside school for you? Otherwise I'll need to get my thinking cap back on.

Hope you are well- today I'd like you to think about who you would like to say Thankyou to at the moment (I'd like to put forward a collage with all your pictures and photos). Don't forget to send them into me! It is Captain Tom's 100th birthday- what  a great man.

Have  ago at this puzzle which gets you to 100!


Can you find out 30 things about the year/what was happening in 1920 (100 years ago)- life was very different!

Reading Pages Test C 3 and 4.



Would you like to learn how to draw 3D letters? Here is  a great tutorial it will be a great skill for posters and presentations.

Next week we are going to start learning about The Vikings- what do you know?